The Journey

My journey starts at home on Hindmarsh Island and drive for 1.5 hours to Adelaide the capital of VK5. As it is such an early flight (6:45am), I need to stay in Adelaide overnight to check in on time with my weird luggage full of oversize pieces and electronic gadgets.

I fly from Adelaide to Perth and then Perth to Broome, a journey of 3794 km (2357 miles)


PER to BRO.png

I arrive in Broome, then rent a car for the day and drive around picking up camping equipment that I need to rent and purchase other equipment such as petrol containers, generator oil, fuel, first aid gear, etc.

On the following day I depart Broome and travel past some other exciting locations such as Lacepede Islands (OC-214), Browse Island (OC-234) and Scott Reef (OC-294). Visiting Lacepede Islands is not permitted at present by the Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife and I was part of the team that activated Scott reef just a few years ago as VK6ISL.I’ll have some news on OC-234 later.


I will be at Ashmore Reef for 4 days