UPDATE Dec 24 2017

The blank QSLs for VK9AR and VK9AR/6 arrived in mid December. All cards/envelopes for Europe/North America/South America have been done and sent in one parcel Registered Post to USA where Tony W4FOA will put stamps on and post them. Doing this saves a lot of $$. Cards for Oceania and Asia are almost finished and will be posted on 27 December directly from Australia. People should get their cards by mid-late January.

UPDATE Dec 1 2017

For VK9AR and VK9AR/6 QSLs, they were ordered the week after the DXpedition and the blank cards have not arrived yet. It is likely that blank cards will arrive around the last week of December or first week of January hopefully

(For VK5CE/8 QSLs, if you sent your Club Log QSL request before November 20 (or if your direct QSL arrived to me before November 20) then all of those QSLs have been sent. QSLs to Oceania and Asia were posted on November 22 and QSLs to Europe/Middle East/North America were posted on November 30. Please be patient and wait for your card before contacting me as the mail system is very busy at present with Christmas.)



There is no internet on both islands and so the online log will be uploaded after the DXpeditions. Click the Club Log logo to see if you are in the log.

VK9AR OC-216 Ashmore Reef


VK9AR/6 OC-234 Browse Island


For those people who are kind enough to send in a donation of US $5 or more prior to the start of the DXpedition (by November 4th), then there is no need to request a QSL card as we will automatically send you a QSL directly for BOTH VK9AR and VK9AR/6 if you are in the log.



For JA operators that are not able to donate using the Pay Pal button, you can send your donation via Pay Pal directly to the email address vkiotadxpedition@yahoo.com.au


This will be available via Club Log


Send US $5 and a self addressed envelope. IRC’s will not be accepted. If you send less than US$5 or an IRC then you card will go via the bureau. Remember this is a very expensive DXpedition costing over $30,000 between 3 people.

Send direct requests to:

Craig Edwards, PO Box 2160, Goolwa SA 5214, Australia


The bureau process is very slow, cards typically take 2-3 years to arrive.