New call sign and extra team members

At the February 2017 IOTA Bash in Texas I announced the VK5CE/9 DXpedition to Ashmore Reef for November. Due to the nature of the research charter vessel it needed to be a one-man operation. I was also looking to operate from Rowley Shoals at a similar time with Mike Jr.


In April I was told by the research expedition that the booked vessel fell through and would not be available. Disaster!!!!!! Then a light of hope where a new vessel was located. The change of plans meant that I could no longer do Rowley Shoals this year which left Mike with nothing. I pleaded my case to the research team leader and he informed me that I could bring Mike AB5EB along and he jumped at the chance. 


A couple of weeks later I made a passing remark to the expedition leader about letting me know about any further available spots. He later offered another place. Based on my time at the IOTA Bash in Texas talking with Mike Jr and Mike Sr, I knew that this would be a wonderful opportunity to give them a chance to join forces again. Mike Sr then joined the team.


So this makes a 3 person team with me doing SSB, Mike Jr AB5EB on CW and SSB and Mike Sr AD5A spending most of his time on CW.


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